2021 Society for Range Management Symposium: Adaptive Monitoring for Adaptive Management

One symposium at the 2021 annual meeting for the Society for Range Management was “Adaptive Monitoring for Adaptive Management”. These presentations covered a wide variety of subjects from the application of remotely sensed data to sampling design to data collection and quality. Each presentation is approximately five minutes.

Using AIM Data to Develop Ecological Site Concepts

This webinar, presented by Allie Heller in 2020, covers the application of the Bureau of Land Management’s Assessment Inventory and Monitoring (AIM) data to the process of developing of ecological site concepts.

Using AIM Data for Wind Erosion Assessments

This webinar, presented in 2020 by Dr. Nick Webb, covers the incorporation of BLM AIM data into wind erosion modeling efforts by the National Wind Erosion Research Network (NWERN).

2015 Webinar Archive

  • QA & QC

  • Broadcast June 9, 2015
  • A one-hour webinar covering the basics of Quality Assurance and Quality Control principles and application in DIMA (the Database for Inventory, Monitoring, and Assessment) in preparation for data ingestion to the Terrestrial AIM Database (TerrADat).

  • Getting Started in DIMA (Database for Inventory, Monitoring, and Assessment)

    Broadcast February 17, 2015
    Learn how to set up your DIMA for the upcoming field season including importing species lists, importing ecological sites, and setting up site and plot definitions. The version of DIMA shown here is 3.1 and the slides from the webinar can be downloaded here.

  • Sample Design

    Broadcast February 10, 2015
    This webinar is intended to help users think through how to develop a robust sample design for assessment and monitoring. Major topics will include examples of important decisions to make in sample design and tools available to facilitate the sample design process. There is no available recording of this presentation, but the slides from this webinar are available here.

Archive of Older Webinars

  • Broadcast July 2010
    A webinar given on practical approaches to designing sampling schemes for rangeland assessment and monitoring programs. There is particular emphasis on statistical sample design principles and tools.

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