Training Classes

Available Training Classes for Inventory, Monitoring, and Assessment

  • Core Methods Field Training
    • Training in the Core Methods used to gather data in the field as well as background in the conceptual framework for those methods and the design of AIM projects.
  • Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health
    • A visualization and communication process for qualitatively assessing warning signs for rangeland health problems. This approach to helps interdisciplinary teams to assess the soil and site stability, hydrologic function, and biotic integrity of a rangeland site using readily-observed characteristics of the landscape and knowledge of the ecological site.
  • Measuring and Monitoring of Plant Populations and Vegetation
    • Current monitoring, analysis, and evaluation techniques for vegetation and plant populations. Determine objectives and requirements for monitoring studies. Collect accurate and precise data for special status plants or other plant populations. Practice collection and recording skills in field sessions.
  • BLM AIM Implementation Workshop
    • An overview of the AIM implementation process, including setting objectives, specifying monitoring questions, identifying indicators, and preliminary data analysis options. BLM resources and timelines are also described.
    • Schedule/calendar of upcoming training events

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