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We regularly sponsor training courses to provide instruction on how to design and implement a monitoring program, collect monitoring data, and analyze those data.

Measuring and InterpretingĀ Indicators of Rangeland Health (2021)

The BLM Measuring and Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health (MIIRH) classes have been cancelled for 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Training for this protocol requires hands-on field instruction and thus cannot be offered virtually. However, the instructor cadre is working on recording new presentations for Version 5 of IIRH, which may provide a sufficient update/refresher for individuals who have taken a previous in-person IIRH training. The MIIRH presentations should be available by mid-May. Please note that reviewing these presentations is not a substitute for attending a MIIRH class or receiving hands-on training in the protocol.

An alternative method to consider using for the 2021 field season is Describing Indicators of Rangeland Health (DIRH). A DIRH training designed to complement the AIM core indicators training is expected to be available in mid-April, and will consist of approximately three hours of recorded presentations. This training will provide the required information to complete the DIRH protocol as part of AIM projects, provided there is also access to sufficient local knowledge as well. The DIRH training modules are expected to be available in mid-April.

Contractors are advised to speak with your contracting officer representative to decide on the most appropriate option in lieu of the full training. Questions can be directed to Nika Lepak ( with the BLM Operations Center.

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