Rangeland Visualization & 3-D Symbol Library

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Sometimes an interactive map of a proposed management action isn’t enough to really communicate the full impact of the change. In such cases it may be very helpful to create realistic 3D visualizations of the future change. While there are several inexpensive (or free) and easy to use applications for doing this, the availability of 3D symbols specific to rangelands is extremely limited. Symbols would include 3D graphics of common rangeland plants that can be placed on a landscape at a specified density to communicate the outcome of a proposed restoration treatment.

As part of the Landscape Toolbox project we have assembled a library of 3D rangeland symbols that can be used with Google Sketch-up, CommunityViz, and many other 3D visualization packages. We have also created several tutorials to demonstrate how these symbols can be imported and used to create compelling visualizations.

Coming soon...