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We regularly sponsor training courses to provide instruction on how to design and implement a monitoring program, collect monitoring data, and analyze those data.

Terrestrial trainings are four days long and for both project leads and field crew members. Aquatic trainings are two weeks long, with the first week being for project leads and field crews and the second week intended specifically for field crew members.

To register for any of the Terrestrial AIM Core Methods trainings, visit the BLM’s National Training Center on DOI Learn.

Aquatic AIM training in 2017 is by invitation only. If you would like inquire about attending the aquatic AIM training in 2017, please contact Robin Jones (

 Upcoming Terrestrial Core Methods Trainings (2017)

  • Boise, Idaho from 04/18/2017 to 04/21/2017
  • Cheney, Washington from 04/24/2017 to 04/27/2017
  • Reno, Nevada from 05/02/2017 to 05/05/2017
  • Billings, Montana from 05/09/2017 to 05/12/2017
  • Cedar City, Utah from 05/16/2017 to 05/19/2017
  • Lander, Wyoming from 05/16/2017 to 05/19/2017
  • Grand Junction, Colorado 05/23/2017 to 05/26/2017

 Upcoming Aquatic Trainings (2017)


Upcoming Interpreting and Measuring Indicators of Rangeland Health (2017)

  • Las Vegas, Nevada from 04/25/2017 to -04/28/2017
  • Salt Lake City, Utah (Tooele area) from 05/23/2017-05/26/2017
  • Boise, Idaho from 06/27/2017 to 06/30/2017
  • Manhattan, Kansas from 06/12/2017 to 06/16/2017 (NRCS)

For more information see this flyer.

If you have additional questions or want to request a webinar course, please contact Sarah McCord ( or Baili Foster ( for terrestrial information and Robin Jones ( for aquatic information.

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