The Monitoring Multi-tool

What is the Monitoring Multi-tool?

The Monitoring Multi-tool was created as an aid to training crews in how to implement the core methods and as a tool to help ensure high-quality monitoring data are being collected. The Multi-tool has the standard measurement units for implementing the core methods of line-point intercept (LPI), canopy gap intercept, vegetation height measurements, and soil aggregate stability. See below for a descriptions of the Multi-tool features.

How do I get a Monitoring Multi-tool?

Monitoring Multi-tools are provided to participants in Jornada or AIM Core Methods trainings. You can also contact us directly to request monitoring multi-tools for your projects. Due to the fact that we make the multi-tools in small batches on a 3D printer, we generally don’t have the capacity to fulfill large orders for multi-tools. If you would like to use the Monitoring Multi-tool for a class or training, please get in touch with us to discuss options.

We try to print the Multi-tools in bright colors so that they don’t get easily lost in the field, but colors vary depending on what filament we have available at the time. Please note that we typically cannot guarantee a specific color of Multi-tool.

How are the Monit3dprinter_sticksoring Multi-tools made?

We designed the Monitoring Multi-tool in a 3D CAD program and we produce them in small batches on the Jornada’s 3D printer. The 3D print file and print specifications for the Monitoring Multi-tool are available for free download from Thingiverse if you would like to print your own. –


How do I use the Monitoring Multi-tool?

The Monitoring Multi-tool is used for the line-point intercept (LPI), canopy gap intercept, vegetation height measurement, and soil aggregate stability core methods. Refer to the Monitoring Manual for Grassland, Shrubland, and Savannah Ecosystems, 2nd Edition for specific information on these methods.

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