Tools & Databases


Planning, implementing, and using an effective monitoring program takes the interaction of many different tools and databases. These tools are related to:

  • Monitoring program planning and implementation
  • Sample design
  • Data collection and storage
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Remote sensing image processing and analysis

Below are links to many useful tools that work together for monitoring program implementation. Additionally, the Landscape Toolbox Wiki has a more extensive listing of tools that could be useful in other aspects of land management and planning. These collections will be updated and expanded as tools continue to be developed.

Sample Design

Shiny Spatially Balanced Sampling Tool

The Shiny spatially balanced sampling tool is intended to let users draw spatially balanced random sampling points within an area based on an ArcGIS polygon shapefile. If the shapefile includes multiple polygons and an attribute table field for stratification, the tool can take that into account to draw sample points by stratum as well.

Data Collection & Storage

Database for Inventory, Monitoring, and Assessment (DIMA)

The Database for Inventory, Monitoring and Assessment is a highly customizable software tool for data collection, management, and interpretation. It is a free Microsoft Access database that can easily be used without extensive knowledge of Access.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Optimal Error Rate Calculator

The optimal error rate calculator is a tool to help calculate the optimal rate of type I errors (incorrectly rejecting the null hypothesis) to minimize the overall rate of both type I and type II (incorrectly failing to reject the null hypothesis) errors for various t-tests.

Sampling Sufficiency Calculator

The sampling sufficiency calculator is a tool for analyzing a dataset from a user’s DIMA to help determine if there are enough data to meet sampling sufficiency for the level of variability in the dataset.

Simple Horwitz-Thompson Indicator Estimator

The simple Horwitz-Thompson indicator estimator is a tool for producing quick estimates of indicators either by an entire study area or by stratum within a study area from a CSV file exported from a user’s DIMA.

Multi-scale Sample Requirements Evaluation Tool (MSSRET)

MSSRET is a general tool for assisting managers and researchers in determining sampling sufficiencies to meet their project objectives.

Remote Sensing Image Processing & Analysis

Image Interpreter Tool

The image interpreter tool allows users to easily identify point locations overlaid on high resolution imagery into general vegetation or ground cover types in a repeatable fashion and mimics field sampling methods (i.e., line point intercept) using remotely sensed data and “virtual” points along transects.

Monitoring Program Planning and Implementation

Monitoring Project Management System (in development)