Remote Sensing Image Processing & Analysis Tools

The field of remote sensing has wide-ranging applications but it it is not necessarily easy to derive information from remote sensing data as compared to conventional field data-gathering approaches. This collection of tools is intended to help users to take advantage of remote sensing data in meaningful ways and will be expanded as tools are updated and developed.


Developed by Berryman Consulting with the USDA Agricultural research Service and the Bureau of Land Management, SamplePoint is free software for manual image analysis and has built-in functionality for systematic and random pixel sampling, user-defined identification classes, and automatic saving of data.

Image Interpreter Tool

The image interpreter tool allows users to easily identify point locations overlaid on high resolution imagery into general vegetation or ground cover types in a repeatable fashion and mimics field sampling methods (i.e., line point intercept) using remotely sensed data and “virtual” points along transects.

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