Introducing the Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) Landscape Toolbox

In order to meet its monitoring and information needs, the Bureau of Land Management is making use of its Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring strategy (AIM). While taking advantage of the tools and approaches available on the Landscape Toolbox, there are additional implementation requirements concerning the particulars of sample design, data collection, and data storage that are required by AIM.

To provide support for the ongoing efforts, the BLM and Jornada Experimental Range have built which provides the framework and steps for implementing AIM. If you’re a BLM employee looking for information on how to start—and carry through—your own local AIM efforts, it’s the best resource available. The website is geared toward AIM which means that it can be informative for non-BLM monitoring as an example of structured monitoring, but isn’t meant to be prescriptive for any monitoring outside the BLM.

The AIM Landscape Toolbox can be found here.

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