The Landscape Toolbox

Jornada The Nature Conservancy
  • The Landscape Toolbox integrates existing and emerging field, remote sensing, and ecosystem modeling tools and methods in support of rangeland assessment, monitoring, and planning.
  • Based on a research or managment objective, the Rangeland Methods Guide suggests field and remote sensing methods for your monitoring or assessment needs.
  • Along with being an encyclopedia of rangeland methods, the Toolbox Wiki also provides information and links to software tools and modeling programs useful for sampling design, data analysis and visualization.

Toolbox Wiki

A library of abstracts describing rangeland methods, terms, and tools contributed by the scientific and management community. The abstracts will help you understand what a method can provide, a summary of how it has been used in a rangeland setting, and where to find more information on the topic.

Featured monitoring tools:

Methods Guide

An interactive guide to field and remote-sensing methods for rangeland science and management focusing primarily on monitoring and assessment. It provides method reviews descriptions, relative costs, technical references, and rangeland applications.

Methods Guide

An overview of remote sensing methods applicable to mapping, inventorying, and monitoring riparian areas. This guide presents an overview of each process and helps the user select methods appropriate to the project objectives and business needs.


The Landscape Toolbox is built around an integrated framework for organizing, synthesizing, and applying our growing knowledge of ecosystems to facilitate better monitoring, assessment, and management of rangelands.

Training & Support

The USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range and the Idaho Chapter of The Nature Conservancy are hosting a series of one-hour web-based training seminars in 2012. Topics include the Rangeland Methods Guide, using the Database for Inventory, Monitoring and Asessment, monitoring impacts of linear features (e.g., roads), and sample design.